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"From Molecular Switches to Molecular Motors"

Mid Term Review Meeting of the BIOMACH-project

Conference Date
18./19. September 2005: internal Mid Term Review Meeting of the BIOMACH-Partners (private function)
20. - 23. September: Conference

Conference Venue
Centro Stefano Franscini (ETHZ), Monte Verità, CH - 6612 Ascona
Tel. +41 91 785 40 55
Fax +41 91 785 40 50

The conference fee will be 300 CHF (192 Euro), including accomodation and service.
Invited Speakers and BIOMACH-Partners are free

Dr Johannes Barth, EPFL Lausanne
Prof Klaus Kern, MPI for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Dr Mario Ruben, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Prof Michele Parrinello, ETH Zürich

Contents and Objectives
The meeting addressed in particular the following themes: Biological Motors, Photoswitches and Molecular Motors Fueled by Light, Supramolecular Engines - Rotaxanes and Catenanes, Physical Principles and Model Simulations, Single Molecule Techniques, Self-Assembly of Functional Materials, Hybrid Systems and Bionanotechnology.
The workshop simultaneously serves as mid-term review meeting and discussion forum for the international presentation and assessment of the project BioMach: Molecular Machines - Design and Nano-Scale Handling of Biological Antetypes and Artificial Mimics, which is supported by the European Union within the 6th framework program.
Attendance was be limited to about 70 participants, and in addition to the invited lectures, short oral presentations and a poster session were included in the conference program. These sessions formed a central part of the meeting; all participants - in particular postdocs and graduate students - were strongly encouraged to present recent exciting results. Many have used the opportunity.

Program of the internal BIOMACH-Meeting

Program of the Conference

list of participants