Excellent Scientific Results

Microtubules at the Switching Point - Traffic Control in Nanoscale

BIOMACH partner Delft has designed a device, in which kinesin motor proteins can be used in nanometer scale to perform mechanical work. Controlled application of an external field steers the microtubules into either one of two arms of a Y junction (see Figure). These results were published in the prestigious scientific journal “Science”. See also the perspective by Henry Hess.

Final-Review Meeting of the BIOMACH project

The BIOMACH project is closed by the end of April. The partners will present their excellent scientific results at a closed meeting taking place April, 23-25, in Baden-Baden.


The BIOMACH Project

BIOMACH is a cross-disciplinary research initiative dealing with molecular machines, in particular biological and artificial motors. A close collaboration between chemists known for their expertise in designing functional (bio)molecular motors, biophysicists experienced in dealing with molecular biomachines and physicists addressing single-molecules will advance the basic understanding in this domain.

The long-term vision of our research initiative is, firstly to merge the advantages of the accessible biological and artificial systems by (self)assembling of hybrid bio-inorganic working devices, and secondly to rationalize and to operate them on the single-molecule level.

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