Internal Area for BIOMACH-Partners


March 2006: Next deliverables / financial report (no audit certificate)
March 2007: final report (including financial audit) / final deliverables / final meeting (comparable to the Mid Term Review Meeting)


Reports and Deliverables


D3-1: Controlled Crafting of Catenane and Rotaxane units at metal surfaces
delivered Feb 2005
Contributing Groups: Bologna, Stuttgart, Eindhoven, Strasbourg

D4-1: Integrate appropriate light-fueled molecular components (LMFCs) into nanomotors as alternative fueling concepts
delivered Feb 2005
Contributing Groups: Bologna, Karlsruhe, Zürich

D6-1: Microtubules assemblies on nanostructures
delivered March 2005
Contributing Groups: Paris, Delft

D4-2: Computational treatment of light-induced rotary movement in light-fueled molecular components
delivered Sept 2005 Contributing Groups: Zürich, Bologna

D5-1: Modification of the vesicles and proteins involved in the protein importing molecular motors such that specific linkages to micron sized beads canbe achieved
delivered Sept 2005
Contributing Groups: Amsterdam


  • first year reports: Management Report and Activity Report. ....soon to come
  • Report prepared for the Mid Term Review Meeting

Presentations and Minutes Mid Term Review Meeting

as far as they were send to Regina Schmidt
  • WP3-contribution of Bert Meijer, Eindhoven
  • WP4-contribution of Alberto Credi, Bologna
  • WP6-contribution by Roethlisberger-Group, Lausanne
  • WP6-contribution by Giovanni Cappello, Paris


General Documents

  • Planning and Timetable of Deliverables
  • formC (soon)
  • reporting guidance (soon)
  • what else do you need? Tell me