Self-Assembly (WP2)

The work in this work package consists of two independent lines of research. The first line focuses on the synthesis of novel scaffolds that give compatible Au-anchored receptor sites for the rotary motors. This will be performed in close collaboration with the other work packages in which both the artificial (rotaxane/catenane) as well natural rotary motors are synthesized and studied.
The second line of research focuses on the further elaboration of the chiral an/or semi-conducting self-assembling cylindrical stacks on the one hand and the derivatisation of the rotary motors in such a way that they can intercalate into the cylindrical stacks. This work requires synthesis, nano-processing of the self-assembly as well as detailed characterization of the objects obtained for and after the intercalation of the rotary motors.

Self-assembled semi-conducting and chiral fibers that are capable of intercalating functional units