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Faculté des Sciences de Base

Ecole Polytechnique Federal Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland [Dr. J.V. Barth, Prof. U. Röthlisberger

Main Role in the Project: J.V. Barth´s STM team will perform nanoscale investigations of mainly artificial machines and motors at surfaces using temperature-controlled scanning tunneling microscopy. The research group of Professor Röthlisberger has experience in the application of different computional tools on extended biological and non-biological molecular systems.

Principal Scientist: Dr. J. V. Barth is at the Institut de Physique des Nanostructures, focusing on investigations in nanochemistry and supramolecular self-assembly of molecular bricks. His team represents a driving force in the exploration of molecular self-assembly and nanostructuring at surfaces. Prof. U. Röthlisberger is associated professor at the EPFL and known for it`s active involvement in the development of new computional tools for the simulation of extended molecular systems.

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