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FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics [FOM],
Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Professor S. Tans]

Main Role in the Project: The research interest of the project partner lies in the development of new nano-tools (e.g., laser tweezers) and the handling of biological molecular motors. The Amsterdam laboratory has required specific biochemical know-how to attach probes and handles to molecular motors, while retaining their function. Structurally, their interest is directed to biological molecular motors that perform complex tasks on DNA or proteins (as bacteriophage F-29).

Principal Scientist: Prof. Tans is associate professor at FOM-Institute for for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam. He has collected considerably experience in molecular electronics by carrying out pioneering work on nanotubes during his Ph.D. thesis. Additionally, he gained substantial skills in handling biological motors and measuring, partially for the first time, characteristic parameters.

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