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Molecular Biophysics Group

Technical University Delft (TU/d-MB), The Netherlands [Prof C. Dekker]

Main Role in the Project: The Molecular Biophysics group at Delft focuses currently on experimental single-molecule biophysics. Ongoing research projects range from biophysics at the scale of DNA molecules, enzymes, and molecular motors to the use of biomolecules for other purposes such molecular electronics. The groups is internationally orientated and has an excellent record in nanoscience.

Principal Scientist: Prof. Dekker is currently Professor at Delft University of Technology. He played a pioneering role in establishing the quantum wire like electronic properties of single nanotubes and its application in the construction of molecular electronic devices (e.g., first room temperature single-molecule transistor). Furthermore, he investigated thoroughly the insulation behavior of biological macromolecules (e.g., DNA).

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